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Being the backbone of Crown Logistics


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Here is why we’re your trusted logistics Partner


Crown Services does it all – from simple logistics, through complicated waste disposal all the way to carrying immense-sized loads, we’re there for you.


With Competitive Edge insurance you can be safe that there’s nothing that can really go wrong.

Happy Employees

Using the HSSE Management System we not only provide an effortless service for our clients, but we also make sure our employees are teamed up and happy all the time.


We push forward for international standards as ISO and ICMC certification.


With years of experience behind our backs, we’re the 4th biggest transport company in Ghana. Our immense expertise translates into great prices and saving your time & effort.


We do provide Audit & Certifications and to show how strongly we believe, we have undergone audits to acquire ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.

What our clients say about our work

Crown Services has been instrumental in streamlining our logistics operations. Their expertise in handling immense loads with precision have been a game-changer for our company.

As a transport helper, Crown Services is someone you can trust. They’re super smart about how things work and make sure we’re doing things the best way. From checking everything is okay to making sure we throw away bad stuff correctly, they’re top-notch.

Crown Services is like the superhero of moving things. They check everything to make sure we’re doing things the right way. Appreciate their commitment to sustainability, especially in the responsible disposal of toxic waste, showcasing a genuine dedication to environmental stewardship.

Working with Crown Services has been a breath of fresh air in the transport industry. Their consultancy services have provided strategic insights that have positively impacted our operations.

Crown Services is like a friend in the transport world. They check everything to make sure we’re doing things the right way.

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