Waste Disposal
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Disposal Management
At Crown Transport LOgistics (CTL), disposal is been alienated in to two segment.
Hazardous: before any disposal of hazardous material a critical look is given to the MSDS and by using the top of the range chemical disposal and compatibility software, the best method of disposal is chosen in consultation with the safety team & IAP. We ensure adherence to the procedure.

Non Hazardous: is assessed and a proper method of disposal is defined.

Cleaning & Chemical Handling
CTL is equipped & licensed to clean up spills and handle hazardous and non hazardous chemicals. We have also extended our services to clean, collect and dispose of chemicals from ships in all west African countries.

CTL seeks police assistance in escorting hazardous chemicals to or fromits clients. Also, pilot cars equipped with neutralizers & antidote kit together with a professional safety & security teams are readily available when collecting, transporting, disposing of any hazardous chemicals.

Emergency Response Team
Our emergency response team made of five safety officers, two mechanics, a road transport officer and the Managing Director. The emergency response team is equipped with two pick-up trucks, an emergency trailer and one tanker.
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